Sunday, 28 April 2013

Use EPEAT to purchase green electronics

Companies that are interested in purchasing green electronics have a valuable resource in EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool).  EPEAT is an environmental rating system that identifies green electronics.  EPEAT provides a searchable database for anyone wanting to find out information about environmentally preferable products. 

There are three levels of EPEAT registered products - bronze, silver, and gold, with gold the highest level and bronze the lowest.  The bronze level products meet the basic requirements for EPEAT registration, whereas the gold level products meet the basic requirements and at least 75% of the optional criteria.

The EPEAT registration criteria are multi-faceted.  They include requirements for the product itself (such as being free of toxic chemicals), for the manufacturer of the product (such as having a written environmental policy), and for service options (such as offering recycling options).

According to EPEAT, the 120 million EPEAT registered products sold in 2011 will: reduce the use of raw materials used by 4.4 million metric tons; reduce the use of toxic materials by 1,381 metric tons; and will reduce the disposal of 74,082 metric tons of hazardous waste.  Furthermore, the fact that EPEAT registered products also meet Energy Star specifications means that the products will consume less energy resulting in over 12 billion kWh of electricity reduction. 

The EPEAT registry system has been expanded to 40 countries and even highlights EPEAT-registered products.  If your company wants more in depth information, EPEAT offers training courses for manufacturers, consultants, suppliers and verifiers.  Visit to make sure that your business’s next IT purchase is a green one.

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