Sunday, 21 April 2013

Green IT in a nutshell : The Three "Rs"

Our first post presented what the Green IT is, its definition. What is Green IT?  It is the study and practice of designing environmentally sustainable Green computing solutions; it is all that is done to reduce the impact of computers (hardware and software) on the environment.

An acronym is used to refer the “Green” orientation. This acronym embodies almost all the philosophy and practices around “Green” concepts and approaches. These are the three “Rs” or “RRR”; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

  1. Reduce the consumption of energy. Green IT is a smart way to do the same or more with less electricity consumption and with less hardware usage. This starts with the choice of the IT policy, the choice of the material (for example, for a computer, an LCD screen uses less energy than a classic one).
  2. Reuse what can be re-utilized.  Some companies are specialized in the re-utilization of IT component. A good example is of the manufacturers of cartridges. Many manufacturers of printer and copier cartridges offer the possibility to re-utilize a cartridge. This can easily be done by washing, drying and refilling an empty cartridge. Most of these manufacturers are proponents of this idea because it allows them to reduce the costs of packaging. Another option is to change some components and parts of your computer without changing the whole computer. Some companies, that need to renew their whole IT system after a certain time, choose to offer it to organizations that required less sophisticated systems (school, NGOs, etc.). In the end everyone benefits from this approach.
  3. Recycle what can be utilized after transformation. A lot of computer manufacturers, led by some of the greatest brands (IBM, Xerox, Apple, Canon, Compaq), recycle the systems that are at the end of their useful life. Sometimes, they offer a rebate, or a discount for those who are willing to recycle their computers. Special collection points are incorporated to facilitate the process for those who are willing to recycle their computer. Many computers can be recycled and those that cannot, or can be dangerous, are discarded safely.
By taking in account the three “Rs” in its IT policy, a company can not only improve its results and find smarter ways to manage its hardware, but it can also improve its image and perception among consumers who are now much more aware of the Green concepts and its implications.

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