Sunday 19 May 2013

Innovative Applications of Green IT : Data Servers

Servers are powerful computers that provide an organisation the ability to access and store data and information in many different ways. With an increase in the usage of these servers in organisations, power consumption, and IT costs are on the rise.

The following innovative Green IT strategies address these server issues and are becoming an important part for carbon control within organisations. 

1.  Optimization : This includes optimizing the servers either by better organisation of data servers through  capacity forecasting, or standardization of equipment, in order to utilize an appropriate number of servers. 
·         HP’s Blade System servers use advanced architecture for high performance and fast connectivity using fewer physical ports for the same performance. 

2.  Virtualization : This includes the creation of many virtual servers through one server, thus reducing carbon emissions as a result of the advantages of a consolidated physical server infrastructure.
·      IBM has a U.S. $1 billion per year investment program which capitalizes on virtualization to double the energy efficiency of its computer data centers and its corporate customers. (IBM, 2007).

3.   Cloud Computing : Using the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model removes the need for a company to have an on-premise data server center, hence giving it the opportunity to reduce its carbon footprint through the cloud vendor’s Green IT practice.
·   Symantec provides Green IT focused cloud services to its clients with the advantages of cost saving, and operational efficiencies.

Organisations have implemented and are now benefiting from such innovative applications of Green Computing through reduced energy consumption, and improved performances of their IT resources.

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  1. Cool concise article on the different techniques to lower organizational carbon footprint, muchas gracias!